X Japan's Yoshiki talks of new album, new film and exorcising old demons

Japanese musician Yoshiki Ap photo

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    He should form a new band and call it "Akubi"

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    Who, besides Yoshiki, is in the band?

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    This band was always more about style than substance - image over all else. The theatrics and costumes came first, the music second, and that is why they never had more than cultish appeal overseas. Other bands of that era, Loudness, EZO, and later on Boris and Sigh were able to gain notoriety outside Japan because they had something that Yoshiki sorely lacked - songwriting ability. Yoshiki is an accomplished musician and can play his instruments with talent aplomb, but his abstract composition skills have hindered him garnering a larger fan base in America and Europe from the very start. This band was always more interesting to look at than to listen to and that just didn't equal success on FM radio in the 80s and 90s.

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    Dirk T

    Not a fan of X Japan but saw the documentary and was impressed not only by the film but Yoshiki himself.

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    I've moved on to BABYMETAL.

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    He should form a new band and call it "Akubi"

    Not sure how to say "Talentless Poseur" in Japanese, but that would work

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    Lyrre Chelle

    If i was born during their era, i must be proud to tell that i've seen all their struggles and success. But even if not, i'm proud to be an X!

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