Chinese dust cloud improves 'smelly natto'

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    If this is not JapanToday, I would have thought it is an April Fool's prank popular with some Brit media on 1st April. But it is September and JapanToday. I eat natto almost every week bought from Isetan and don't find it has overpowering smell at all. To each his own I guess.

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    The dust is falling for longer and longer periods over the past few years. It used to be just March, but we moved in May and had the windows open, and the floors were gritty. Our cars were coated well into May and a cloud of it was hanging over the Seto inland sea as well.

    Seeing as the dust also carries mercury and other pollutants, I hope they've thought this out. My nose bleeds from kousa, and the local doctor's office is crammed with people with nasal inflammation. I hope they know what they're doing.

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    "Chinese dust cloud improves smelly natto"

    Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    "I eat natto almost every week"

    Lord have mercy!

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    Natto was originally starvation food. That is food that was eaten during times of famine because that is all there was - spoiled soybeans. It was edible even though it was unpalatable, but the stench was preferable to dying from hunger. Natto is fermented with a Bacillus bacteria that is a first cousin to the Anthrax Bacillus. Bacillus natto will cause pneumonia in people with immune deficiencies. It is known to kill people who work with the rice straw that the soybeans are fermented in. This disease is called milliners disease. Milliners are people who made straw hats in days gone bye. Some English teacher I met in Mito tried to serve me a local 'specialty' of natto with some equally stinky little ewashi fish put in it. I puked right away. I would rather starve.

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    Is nothing sacred?

    Let's blandify everything!

    They take the bitterness out of chicory.

    The taste out of beer.

    And now the aroma out of natto!

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    Cheese was originally spoiled milk.

    Beer was spoiled barley.

    Nam pla and the ancient Roman equivalent, garum, are/were made from fermented fish innards.

    These and many others were starvation foods.

    That doesn't stop them being delicious.

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    Kaz Kylheku

    First time I made my own natto, the smell came to me in my sleep and I woke up in the middle of the night with this oppressive feeling, haha. Then I got used to it. I should start doing it again; haven't made it in a couple of years. Don't mess with natto.

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