Cider, the golden apple of brewers' eyes

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    Well I'll be.

    Right now I am drinking a cider myself. It's an Old Mout, the same strength as their more normal Scrumpy I used to buy, but this time it was flavoured with boysenberry and I bought it on a whim. It's delicious. I guess the claims about innovation are true.

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    I do like a good cider, the non-carbonated old style scrumpy is rocket fuel!

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    and they are planning on introducing an even sweeter version of Strongbow???? Yuk!

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    Yeah - the stuff they sell as "cider" in Japan is simply disgusting - water, CO2 and sugar... Strongbow barely makes it, but one can feel sometimes that it is close to it's expiration date, and there are big taste variations between shops, and even on the same shop, between days.

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    It's a shame I have the hardest time getting any decent cider down here in Okinawa. Guess I'll have to brew my own!

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