David Chang, the rock star of ramen, goes global

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    Speaking of Ko, our lunch has gone from a simple oyster from Washington state to an elaborate sashimi plate, to a wild mushroom salad with oysters, to an impressive egg puffed with nitrous oxide. Braised spare rib has given way to monkfish to a tender hunk of farm lamb. And a signature Chang dessert: frozen, shaved foie gras over a pine nut brittle, with a Riesling gelee.

    Where is the Ramen?

    His prices are way too high.

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    His prices are low compared to similarly high end places in Manhattan. You're looking at minimum $500 at a Per Se or Masa. I don't think Chang's employer taught him anything the entire year he was in Japan.

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    Someone told me that his ramen tastes like the average fare you would get here. I wonder if he'd be able to compete in the Tokyo scene. Give me a bowl of Tokyo's best tonkotsu, not because I'm a purist, but because I'm cheap (at least that's what the last girl I took to a ramen shop said).

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    This glamour ramen thing in the West has gone way overboard. Ramen is soul food, not gourmet. Served in a place that shakes when the trains pass.

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    "frozen, shaved foie gras"

    No thanks.

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    I loved how you never knew what was coming next

    I hate not knowing what I'm eating.

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    Amusing comments...Tokyo (and I'm sure all of Japan) is the ramen paradise.

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    This guy's a michelin starred chef who loved ramen so much he went to Japan for a year and opened up a fushion noodle shop in east village. His 'ramen' is also fushion and is a small part of his menu.

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