Fried udon munchies let noodle lovers enjoy their favorite dish anywhere


Anyone who’s ever eaten instant chicken ramen knows that in a pinch, those dry, flavored noodles serve as a pretty good substitution for potato chips. Well, fried noodle lovers have reason to celebrate because they are soon going to have a little more variety in the snack department.

Introducing Udon Wafu Shichimi Shitate, the newest product from snack and dessert company, Bourbon. This new snack is a bag of Japanese-style udon noodles prepared with a concoction of seven spices known as “shichimi.”

The noodles have also been paired up with onions and ginger to complete a veritable trifecta of crunchy goodness.

You can purchase these new snacks all over Japan for only 130 yen.

Source: Japaaan Magazine

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    Artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, etc, etc, etc. Eat real food instead.

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