Got a great recipe using soy sauce? You might win Y100,000


If you fancy yourself as a bit of a soy sauce connoisseur or if you enjoy dabbling in Japanese fusion cooking, we’ve found a perfect way for you to earn some easy prize money.

The Japan Soy Sauce Association is currently accepting entries for two special contest categories: Washoku, for Japanese-style recipes and Your Country’s Cuisine, for food that incorporates the use of soy sauce into traditional dishes from your homeland.

With the top prize being 100,000 yen, if you’re a foreigner living in Japan, now’s the time to get that apron on and get cooking.

To be eligible for the competition, you must be a foreign citizen living in Japan. Naturalised Japanese citizens are also able to apply. You must be available to attend the final review in August, the award ceremony on Oct 1, and be able to communicate in Japanese or English and cook unassisted.

Once you’ve chosen the category you wish to enter, fill out an application form with the name of your dish and the steps required for your never-before-published recipe, which should serve four people. You’ll need to include a photo of your completed dish and a short story related to it on a postcard-size piece of paper. You can draw or write the details of your story, including the relevant memories or background connected to the recipe.

Prizes are:

Gold (One Per Category): Plaque and ¥100,000
Silver (One Per Category): Plaque and ¥50,000
Bronze (Three Per Category): Plaque and ¥30,000

Winners will be announced at the Soy Sauce Day Gathering on Oct 1 and a pamphlet featuring the winning recipes will be published after the competition.

For more details, head to Soysauce Information Center. Entries must be postmarked by May 31.

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    CGB Spender

    ¥100,000 ... wow!

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    "Travel expenses to the final review and to the award ceremony will be borne by the Association, as stipulated in its rules."

  • -2


    Since Soy Sauce originated in China (like most of Japanese staples), look for a Chinese cooks to grab that ¥100,000. Or another ethnic asian dish. Certainly not any western fusion incorporating "soy sauce."

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    Believe it or not, I entered this competition on a whim and have been invited to the final! @japangal, if you also made it then I'll trade you some ice cream for some of my secret recipe.

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