Heart-shaped treat for Valentine’s Day — from Domino’s Pizza


While it may seem like chocolate is the main product on offer in shops and restaurants in Japan this time of year, Valentine’s Day apparently isn’t just all about chocolate.

If you don’t have a sweet tooth, how would you like to try this lovely Valentine’s offering from Domino’s Japan? Yes, it’s Japan’s very own, heart-shaped Valentine’s pizza, and as far as we can tell, the treat looks sure to be tasty, even if it’s not chocolate.

For a limited time, from Feb 7 to 14, Domino’s Japan will be selling their “Happy Valentine Pizza”, a cute pizza topped with tomato sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese in the shape of a heart. The pizza is available only in a medium size, priced at 1,300 yen, and can only be ordered online, but it should make a nice little change from all the sweet Valentine products currently saturating the shops in Japan. And you can’t really go wrong with pepperoni and cheese, can you?

So, if your sweetheart isn’t into sweets, you can still enjoy that happy, lovey Valentine’s feeling with this special pizza. In fact, the pizza looks so tempting, you may seriously want to order it even if you’re not celebrating Valentine’s with your sweetheart — maybe for a small party or even for yourself.

Source and photos: PR TIMES

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  • 3


    My wife loves pizza however if I got this for Valentines Day no doubt she'd end being my ex wife.

  • 2


    Really? Why not, I think a number of guys would love a good pizza instead of chocolate.

  • 0


    if I got this for Valentines Day no doubt she'd end being my ex wife.

    As in if I got this from her or for her?

  • 0


    I think this has more feeling to it than a box of chocolates or some plastic flowers from a convenience store,,,

    But isn't Valentine's Day for men in japan? I think I would be super stoked if I got a pizza for sure..

  • 1


    I have made a "Happy Valentine Pancake" with two blueberries for eyes, a couple of strawberries for lips for my wife once before. I gave her a dozen red roses with it in the morning. I could not get her anything else as I was too broke. It is very strange, my wife loved it more than the diamond I have given her before.

    Whoever said Diamonds are a lady's best friend never understood what makes woman tick. Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Life is too short, enjoy!!

  • 0


    What next? Lung-shaped cigars? Liver-shaped hip-flasks?

  • 0


    There is a love shape tomato.

  • 1


    A boxed, processed, fast-food heart. And some say that we can't put a value on love.

  • 2


    OkinawamikeFeb. 06, 2014 - 09:49AM JST '' if I got this for Valentines Day no doubt she'd end being my ex wife.'' As in if I got this from her or for her?

    As in if I got this for her. We're both Europeans so celebratate Valentines Day the European way.

  • 0


    Very nice!

  • 0

    Michael Reed


  • 0

    Raymond Chuang

    I wonder why Pizza-La, the largest pizza chain in Japan, didn't do a heart-shaped pizza like this first....

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