Is the secret to great wine under the sea?

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    “In ancient times the Romans used to add a little salt water to their wine,” he pointed out.

    The Romans used to add just about anything to their wine. Drinking it straight was considered a practice of barbarians. And I agree with the Romans. Wine is like orange juice concentrate. Its usually not very good straight.

    I would like to try these wines and see for myself if there is a real difference. But in order to do a real experiment, they need several barrels on land and in the sea, not just one of each. Any number of things could explain why that one barrel of Tellus was not so good, and its not even getting into the psychological factors.

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    In answer to the the headline, "No." The secret to great wine is actually no secret -- just get wonderful grapes, let them grow in a perfect climate, harvest them tenderly, crush them and let them ferment naturally, and age the result.

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