JAL, MOS Burger serving AIR MOS Teriyaki Egg Burger on select flights


Japan Airlines (JAL) and MOS Food Services, a well-known hamburger chain established in 1972 in Japan, will collaborate for the third time in the eighth installment of JAL’s popular AIR Series in-flight meal service. Following the successful introduction of AIR MOS Burger (Teriyaki) and AIR MOS Rice Burger in the past, JAL and MOS have designed a JAL Original version of the AIR MOS Teriyaki Egg Burger that will be served onboard select routes from March 1 to May 31.

AIR MOS Teriyaki Egg Burger is adapted from MOS Burger’s classic Teriyaki Burger, sold since 1973 in MOS Burger chain stores. Served with warm bread, hamburger patty wrapped in special paper, fresh, locally produced lettuce, and finely-cut hard-boiled egg mixed with mayonnaise that can be used as a spread or savored on its own, customers can enjoy the process of making their own burger adding just the right amount of teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise-type sauce suited to their liking. The tray mat and packaging in which it is served also bear the MOS Burger logo and JAL aircraft in a refreshing, appealing pop design.

AIR MOS Teriyaki Egg Burger will be served in Premium Economy and Economy Class during a second meal service on flights departing Tokyo (Narita) to New York (John F Kennedy), Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, London, Paris and Frankfurt.

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    That just wants me to book a flight.

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    A small step up maybe. I flew with them yesterday and got KFC for breakfast. Classy! Still, it was a good indicator of how crappy Economy is and what the airlines really think about it.

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    It will travel better than most Japanese food.

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    That just wants me to book a flight.

    If I had reservation I'd pass it to you. Over 10 hours in a plane is one thing, but 10 hours in a plane reeling of reheated cold burger, it's a torture.

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    How "classy"... ;-)

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    no picture?! i demand picture of said artery clogger!

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