KFC goes bunless again


Does anyone remember the KFC Double Down? It was bacon, melted cheese, and secret sauce held between two pieces of the Colonel’s Original Recipe chicken fillets. It was heaven without the bun and actually went on sale in Japan for a limited time in February last year under the moniker “Chicken Fillet Double.”

Now KFC Japan is busting out the big guns once again, but with a ketchup-y twist.

Starting from Thursday, KFC Japan will offer a pile of ketchup rice sandwiched between two thick chicken fillets. This colossal pile of chicken and carbs goes by the name of “Kentucky Chicken Rice” and sells for 450 yen.

The chicken that graces the top and bottom of the Kentucky Chicken Rice “sandwich” is KFC’s original recipe chicken made with Dragon Ball-loving Colonel Sanders’ secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. No trace of a bun in this sandwich; nestled inbetween the two chicken fillets is ketchup rice, sliced cheddar cheese, special tomato sauce, and special mayonnaise.

There’s only one problem with the Kentucky Chicken Rice sandwich: there’s not enough meat. When you take out the bun and replace it with chicken, it leaves room for more meat. You fools! Don’t replace carbs with carbs! Give us the Kentucky Chicken Chicken sandwich with the Colonel’s original recipe chicken sandwiched between two pieces of the Colonel’s original recipe chicken, plus the cheddar cheese and all that jazz. And throw in some bacon for crying out loud.

Source: NariNari

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    needs bacon

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    Everything is always better with bacon!

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    No bacon, no deal.

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    Bunless is perfect for Japan.

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    Looks healthy! (And delicious!)

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    Bunless is perfect for Japan.

    Are you talking about what I think you're talking about??

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    Does anyone remember the KFC Double Down?

    Yeah, I had one only a few weeks ago. They reintroduced it here for a while, only it was possible to order it with the zinger sauce, which was a major improvement.

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    I stop in at KFC about once a year. I love the chicken. I love the flavour, I love the texture, I love the smell. But I don't love the unhealthy oil and batter and stuff. So for me, KFC is a once-a-year treat (not necessarily at Christmas).

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