Knowing how to slice, cook your onions makes big difference

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    Some good hints. Interesting article.

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    In my household, it's all about getting good food inside the kids, in whatever way works.

    So...the onions are chopped lengthways (as recommended, wow), but then these long slices are then cut 'across' to make smaller 'fine chopped' onion. Hence hte onion is less obvious on the plate and will go inside/with other food.

    After all, one thing worse than an 'incorrectly' cut onion, is one that isn't eaten at all...

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    Knowing how to slice, cook your onions makes big difference

    The grilling season is coming up. Get your grill nice n' hot, charcoal grey. Slice an onion in half. Using a long fork, press the flat part of the freshly sliced onion half onto the grill. Brush the onion up, down & all over the hot grill. Then immediately put your meat on the grill.

    The onion's natural oils lube the grill while adding great taste to whatever meat your grilling.

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    All fruit and veggies have grain and cut different at different angles. That is what makes different dishes unique in flavor and visually.

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    Nemrut Dagi

    Slicing onions from stem to stem is the worse possible way to slice onions, not mention unsafe. Doing it this way makes it difficult to get nice even slices without the onion falling apart.

    As for the fumes, there's nothing wrong with them. They help to bring out the flavor of the one much like finely grating garlic does. The more you chop them the greater the potency.

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