Lotteria’s special September & October super burger promotion


Fed up with Japanese-sized fast food portions? Tired of ordering a large and getting something that might fit in a happy meal in a North American store? Lotteria’s got a fall special that is sure to make any burger enthusiast’s day. Back by popular demand are the Lotteria’s Super Cheeseday and Super Fryday sandwich deals.

Starting Sept 23 and lasting until Oct 9, you can find towering patty-stacked burgers on the Lotteria menu. The Zeppin Cheeseburger (English: Superb Cheeseburger) is stuffed with five separate patties with slices of cheese. Modestly priced at 1,360 yen, this is a protein feast that most Japanese people wouldn’t be able to eat in a month. The Ebi (Shrimp) Tree Burger is a nice seafood option for hungry patrons that want a little more surf than turf. It’s slightly cheaper at 770 yen for five fried cakes of shrimp.

What’s that you say? Too expensive for a fast food hamburger? Well, fret not. As an extra helping of meaty money-saving, Tuesdays and Fridays have 500 yen specials.

Source: HimaSoku

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    WOW! I eat only one Big Mac and get pimples for a week and a stomach ache... No thanks.

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    Just looking at that makes my chest hurt!

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    4 am on the way home - just what is needed.

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    ... so they've taken one miserable, thin, dried-out, cardboardy patty and make you eat it 5 times? Yech.

    How about one nice thick, juicy patty? That's what I make at home, and one burger has me full and sitting in carnivore heaven.

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    Saul Schimek

    oh lord....I like a slightly larger than normal burger, but that is insane

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    Becker Burgers. That's the only fast food place with a decent burger.

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    Raymond Chuang

    It may look crazy, but when you have McDonald's, Burger King, MOS Burger, and Lotteria all vying for the same group of fast food customers in Japan, the result is a lot of unusual hamburgers in order to make each company's product stand out. Lotteria is well-known for making burgers and other sandwiches that would really make people outside of Japan scratch their heads in disbelief....

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