Marvel superheroes become cute and tasty cakes in Japan


Japan is filled with cake shops, but the Cozy Corner chain stands out from the crowd in a couple of ways. Not only are Cozy Corner’s mini cake variety sets the savior of indecisive people with a sweet tooth, the chain makes their desserts extra tempting by periodically modeling them after Disney characters.

In the past, we’ve seen princesses and villains from the Disney animated canon get the Cozy Corner treatment, but with Disney now owning Marvel, the comic giant’s collective cast of superheroes is also on the table, and so Cozy Corner is now selling a nine-piece Marvel cake set.

Instead of trying to adapt the muscular physiques of Marvel’s stars to baked good form, Cozy Corner took its primary inspiration from the Marvel Tsum Tsum line of chubby and adorable character merchandise. Represented in the set are:

● Black Widow (top left): chocolate cream and white chocolate tart
● Hawkeye (top center): mango cream roll cake
● Thor (top right): passionfruit ganache and lemon cream and tart
● Falcon (middle left): Chocolate cream and cocoa sponge roll cake
● Marvel Tsum Tsum Logo (middle center): Vanilla, white chocolate cream and cocoa sponge cake
● Spider-Man (middle right): raspberry roll cake
● Captain America (bottom left): mint white chocolate cream tart
● Iron Man (bottom center): white chocolate cream and raspberry sponge roll cake
● The Hulk (bottom right): Matcha chestnut tart with sweet beans

The Marvel cakes are priced at 2,2689 yen and will be available until Feb 14, making them a good candidate for your pop culture-loving Valentine, especially if you already gave him or her some Final Fantasy chocolates in previous years.

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Source: Entabe

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