Microwave keeps bread mold at bay

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    This is PAN tastic news!

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    Mold is a type of fungus that forms because bread wrapped in plastic packaging still has water inside it. When that trapped water begins to evaporate inside the bag, the bread’s surface becomes moist, creating the ideal environment for mold.

    Seems to me, the solution is simple - change the wrapper from plastic to paper.

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    a piece of whole-grain white bread

    A what?

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    If it's shokupan, just freeze it. It's not like you'd be making it any worse than it already is.

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    If it's shokupan, just freeze it.

    If it's shokupan, it isn't worth it taking up valuable freezer space.

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    just-purchased loaves contain mold.

    Yuck. I would not take it back. I'd call sanitary control.

    After 60 days, ...“The consumers saw no discernible quality difference in the breads,”

    If it's bad from the start.

    a piece of whole-grain white bread...A what?

    Whole wheat flour white bread is more likely. Black grain bread can be kept months without going bad, so the problem never occurred.

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    Whole wheat flour white bread

    If it's white bread, it's not whole wheat. If it's whole wheat, it's not white bread.

    Heck, if it's white bread, it barely qualifies as bread....

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