Subway Japan to offer breakfast sets


Jumping into an increasingly crowded morning menu market, starting May 15, some Subway sandwich outlets in Japan will start selling bran muffin sandwiches and breakfast sets for the morning crowd.

Three different types of sandwiches using healthier, high-fiber bran muffins will be offered: soft-boiled egg, tuna and mayo, and ham and cheese.

The muffin sandwiches will sell for 190 yen on their own, or for 290 yen with a small drink as a Bran Morning Set.

Featuring a daily sub selection and small drink, Select Sub Breakfast Sets will also debut for 420 yen (320 yen without drink). Hungry breakfasters should be aware, though, that the morning menu will not be available at all Subway locations, so check before setting your alarm clock a little earlier than usual.

If your local Subway doesn’t offer breakfast you can still get your morning fast food fix at McDonald’s, unfortunately you just missed getting a free 350ml can of Sprite to wash it down with.

Source: Hamster Sokuho

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    Last time I was in a subway, admitedly a good while back - the eggs were reconstituted from a powder form which is why I haven't been back. Has this changed? Do they now actually use real eggs?

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    I don't much like the look of that egg mayo sandwich. Looks like a ton of mayo. I also don't like the idea of a set. The charm of subway is walking in there and making the sandwich I want from the ingredients I want. That way I get the flavours I want, the calories I deserve, and any residual guilt after munching is all mine. ... although the guilt tends to be minimal since, when I have the option, I tend to choose olives, jalapenos, lettuce, tomato, no sauce and a couple of slices of silverside pastrami on lightly toasted whole wheat.

    I know that restaurants need to cater for local tastes, but honestly the Japanese aversion to choice (especially when they're healthy choices) is just mind-boggling, and that egg mayo bran muffin just looks like a heart-attack waiting to happen.

    P.S. Anyone know whether it is wheat bran or rice bran? Both are healthy, but I prefer wheat bran.

    .... now I just need to wait for a subways to open up in the inaka where I live sigh.

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