Trick your friends with these incredibly convincing 'ramen' cakes


This is a cake. No really, it is.

And we know what you’re thinking: but there’s noodles and broth and chashu pork and it even has those weird tasting bamboo shoots on top! But even though it looks like ramen, your tastebuds will be surprised after the first sweet and sugary bite of this very convincing ramen cake.

Machi no Kumasan, a small bakery in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, is churning out this specialty ramen cake for 1,000 yen. Here’s a list of the ingredients they used:

Noodles – Japanese chestnut and kabocha pumpkin cream

Broth – Earl Grey jelly

Bamboo shoot – grilled apple

Egg – annin tofu (Almond jelly)

Chashu pork – raspberry jelly

Green onions – pistachios

In response to the overwhelmingly positive customer feedback, Machi no Kumasan now offers katsu (pork cutlet), soba (buckwheat noodle), and chawan mushi (egg custard) cakes.

Taroan, an unaffiliated bakery in the town of Inawashiro, Fukushima Prefecture, is also serving up its own version of a ramen cake. Although smaller than the one offered at Machi no Kumasan, the Taroan ramen cake only costs 380 yen.

Both cakes are very convincing and can definitely pass for a genuine bowl of steaming hot ramen at first glance. Have fun trying to trick your friends… but it’s not much of a trick since they get cake. And cake can never be bad, can it?

Source: Matome Naver

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    Clever and very realistic. I'd love to try one!

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    Just glad that it doesn't taste like ramen too.

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