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    Geoff Gillespie

    Is this a serious question? How could you possibly ask a question like this and expect anything other than a resounding NO by way of an answer...?

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      Because there are many people both in Japan and abroad who like J-pop.

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    Most chart music is crap, but stuff like J pop is bottom of the barrel stuff, Kind of stuff you expect vermin like Simon Cowell to sign up exploit, make cash from and spit out after a year or two or maybe less.

    There has always been a problem with too much concern with technique than originality in much of the modern music from Japan but there have been exceptions. J Pop stuff is what used to be called "throw away pop". Noting there and mostly aimed at teenage kids who have some spare cash.

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    Geoff - I assume this is a very tongue-in-cheek poll, given to get people posting and making exactly these remarks.

    While the popular music industry is pretty stagnant in both Japan and the West, the western ones actually try to sound/look different on some occasions.

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    Can I tell J-pop apart from Western music? Of course. I guess that means it's distinctive. Are J-pop acts more distinctive from each other than western acts are from each other?

    You're kidding, right?

    Could I pick out a J-pop band easier than I could pick out a western act at the mall?

    Probably. So yea, I guess they'd be more distinctive.

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    Naymel Alejandra Guzman

    Am i the only one thinking of course Jpop is more distinctive?

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    AKB48 is very distinctive................only in Japan can that exists

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    Ha, ha... the funny queation of the day... what am I saying of the century....

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    No..maybe..i dunno. Both are distinctively clap.

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    Yeah, in a bad way.

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    America does have BAD Pop artists.

    TOP ANNOYING Pop Artists

    1) Brittany Spears 2) Rihanna 3) Nicki Minaj 4) Taylor Swift 5) Katy Perry & Christina Aguilera ( are soon to join the list of Bad Pop artists )

    Britney Spears was the CLOSEST we ever came to have a J Pop artist ( American Version ).

    I don't seen the difference between J-poop and Western poop. It looks like poop to me. Sorry, my mistake it's Pop music !!!!

    The slight difference is pitch volume. J-Pop has more screechy sound to:

    From my own perspective

    **J Pop**

    More flashy miniskirts
    More childish acts
    showing maturity is frowned upon
    screechy child like voice
    mannerism of a child
    lyrics: singing about childish
    puppy love -to- childish first date
    audience: 30-99 year old males

    Western Pop

    less miniskirt
    mature tween scenarios maturity a plus
    sexy voice mannerism of a young adult
    lyrics: about high school, fun and etc -to- mature sexual in nature audience: anybody between the ages 9yr. - 24 male & female

    Brasilian Pop

    More nudity ex. more sexual talk more sexual freedom Shake butt & hips many many times sexy voice mannerism of a young adult lyrics: high school life -to- mature sexual in nature audience: anybody ages 5 - 45 male & female

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    J-Pop when you have Japans most successful group SMAP and 2/3 of them cant sing, theres definately a "distinctive" side to it.

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