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    With movies, I prefer to judge for myself since most movie critics are full of themselves. Or they may not like a particular genre and give the film a negative review. In the case of restaurants, I would probably stay away if I read more than one review saying the food or service were not very good.

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    The only movie "reviews" I trust are the ratings on IMDB. These are from anonymous viewers, not self important critics.

    I've found that movies that have more than a thousand "votes" and an average score north of six is usually worth watching.

    Restaurants, I'll check out without needing a review. It's not hard to see if a restaurant is good or not.

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    If I read or see a TV review of a restaurant stating said restaurant is 'oishiiiii' or popular in any way, I stay away. Popular places seem to rely on popularity rather than good food. As for movies, if Roger Ebert wrote the review, I believe it; if anyone else wrote it, I ignore it. Pity he's gone, though.

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    The only movie "reviews" I trust are the ratings on IMDB. These are from anonymous viewers, not self important critics.

    That's why I always check out Rotten Tomatoes and compare the critics score to the audience rating. A lot of films have are rated really low by critics but are not so bad.. look at The Lone Ranger, 29% critics score and 61% audience score. Its probably not brilliant but nowhere near as bad as the critics want you to believe.

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    I tend to make up my own mind based on clips and trailers, as well as whether I like the cast. Only time I didn't go to see a film I really wanted to was "DREDD"... stupid distributors in the UK only allowed UK viewers of a British film to see it in 3D. I can't watch 3D films... they give me a splitting headache. So I had to wait for the DVD.

    But generally I never go by what the critics say... they have their own tastes I have mine ^_^

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    I know many film-lovers don't like movie critics who I think are important sources of film criticism. I usually check several popular movie review sites before I consider going to a flick even though I might disagree with those reviews. Therefore I never look at them to get an stamp of approval on a movie. However It's always interesting to hear what experienced writers have to say about it. Even if a film does poorly with critics if I think it's worth a look I'll still see it and acknowledge that they are probably right. Since critics are paid to see and write about movies who better, then to offer an opinion on how well the movie accomplished its goal and how it compared to other great movies that have come before them. But I never let the reviewers influence me to see it because they can see the flaws in a release. Therefore I trust their experience as a trained news gatherer and feel that good critics are fair and balanced. Now as far as restaurant reviewers are concerned it's never good to believe everything you read about them. Individual taste for each person is different and some food taste bad for some people and good for other people. Word of mouth from a person who has actually dined their is the way to go. They can tell you about the variety of the menu, knowledge about the staff, presentation of food and cleanliness etc.

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    I enjoy the remarks of professional critics from the viewpoint of entertainment, but that's about as far as it goes. I would much rather tap into knowledgeable friends who share my own interests and tastes.

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    I'm pretty sure that when it comes to movie critics that a lot of them are being paid to actually promote some movies. I remember a woman critic on breakfast TV absolutely raving on about a Michael Douglas movie (the sequel to Wall st or something). Just could not say enough about it. The movie was total tripe and bombed in a big way. And this happens way too much for it to be a coincidence.

    As for eateries - no better review then word of mouth.

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