Who would you like to see as prime minister after the Dec 16 election? Yoshihiko Noda or Shinzo Abe?

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    Abe is an idiot quitter.

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    Neither. They are both quitters. Ever wonder why none of the challenges ever gets tackled? Could it be that Japan's leaders spend so much time trying to keep their jobs that they have little time to actually do them? Japan should give its PM a chance. Give the next one, say, two years or more to articulate a vision and implement it. As things stand now, leaders have no incentive to take bold steps for fear of losing public support. Taking that risk out of the equation would give Japan’s leader a fighting chance for the first time in ages.

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    After watching yesterday's debate, Noda by a long shot.

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    The biggest problem with Japan at present is that there is no 'neither' selection.

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    Peter Payne

    Romney! No wait...

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    You can kiss Noda's @ss and his tax policy goodbye!

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    Abe is a buffoon and a quitter. When the going gets tough he starts crying, claiming to have "stress related illnesses". He will bring Japan further down into the pits than it already is. Noda is hopeless - the worst leader on the world stage - but even he is miles better than dropkick Abe.

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    Does anyone know Koizumi's number?

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    None of the Above

    Sorry can you give me other multiple choice answers

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    Daft question...neither of 'em.

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