New help for those with nowhere else to turn


Domestic violence, rape, bullying, depression and alcoholism are more common in relationships than we care to think. They are all issues most women don’t ever dare speak about, even to their mothers or closest friends. But the wall of silence often surrounding them means many people have nowhere to turn for the help they desperately need.

Psychotherapist and author Susan Jane Smith recognizes this is a problem potentially facing Japanese society, among others. Her self-help book, “Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth,” offers practical, sensitive guidance on dealing with these taboo subjects and many forms of emotional pain.
It is now available in Japan for the first time via Amazon and their Kindle e-book reader.

Sub-titled “The View from the Therapist’s Office,” the book also includes chapters on love, parenting through divorce, stress and bereavement. Smith has over 20 years’ experience as a psychotherapist in the UK and U.S. She has counseled thousands of women – and men – in ways of coping with all manner of emotional challenges, both within and outside marriage and relationships.

“Nothing shocks me,” she says. “But I know how difficult it can be for people to speak openly about things like domestic violence or abuse, particularly in non-Western cultures. My book is designed to help them confront and manage all sorts of types of emotional pain. This pain needs healing before a person can have the emotional wealth required for a happier life, hence the title of my book.

“If you feel you can’t speak to anyone about your emotional problems or you just want to better understand how to deal with them, then ‘Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth’ will give you support and guidance.”

Smith’s other self-help book “Pre-Marital MOT: A Relationship Inspection” is also now available in Japan. It is designed to enable betrothed couples to assess their relationship before the wedding and to highlight and hopefully address potential emotional problems. As Smith states: “Marriage is so much more than just the ceremony.”

“Pre-Marital MOT: A Relationship Inspection” can be downloaded from Amazon on 

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