Spa Tokione at The Tokyo Station Hotel a haven of tranquility in city center


In the heart of Tokyo’s city center is a haven of tranquility, a place to escape the stress of urban living and indulge all of your senses.

Whether you need a break from shopping, sightseeing, or have a few hours to kill before a train, Spa Tokione located on the B1F of the new Tokyo Station Hotel is the perfect way to unwind. The escape from the hustle and bustle of the city begins as soon as you step into the spa’s entrance. The stone walls and soft lighting create a tranquil and serene environment which fits perfectly with the Spa’s “Urban Cave” concept.

Spa Tokione incorporates the exclusive Terrake spa brand which is a luxury beauty treatment created by the French skincare experts at Thalgo. It is a groundbreaking and new notion founded on the concept of the four universal elements (Earth, Water, Air and Plant Life) and consists of distinctive rituals, massages and products that awaken the senses to create a close feeling with nature through rituals and massages inspired by the origins of life. The concept of the four elements has gained a high reputation in original treatments using unique accessories such as featherbrush and stone. To ensure that each guest receives the most appropriate treatment to meet their individual goals, the spa therapist begins by carefully explaining each of the process and benefits of the four different Forces.
Make sure to arrive at least half an hour before the reserved time to ease into the spa experience with a visit to the separate men’s and women’s Bath and Relaxing area that has an artificially carbonated hot spring, 2 man-made hot springs, a cold bath, a dry sauna and a steam sauna and is available free of charge for those with spa reservations.

My mind was instantly put at ease as I stepped into the entrance of the Spa and was greeted by the very welcoming and friendly staff, who led me to the lounge area to begin the consultation. Feeling refreshed and with my blood circulation much improved from the carbonated hot spring, I was ready for my spa treatment which took place in one of the five private individual treatment rooms that were very inviting, featuring simple, modern décor and warm lighting. My chosen treatment was the 90-minute Luxuriant Plant Life (Vegetable Luxuriant) Body and Facial which aims to bring total relaxation using products taken from fruit butters, buds and plants for nourishment and slimming. The highlight of the Luxuriant Plant Life was the contouring massage that used a special Terrake “liana ribbon” that wound and unwound around me as if to unite my body so that it could recover all its suppleness.

This massage is designed to gently stretch and relax the body through exquisite pulling motions and began with my ankles and legs, moving to my arms and wrists and finally the nape of the neck. My body seemed to become infinitely longer. Then my face was gently cleansed, followed by a gentle acupressure and finished by the application of a mask with fruit butters and floral waxes and a cream containing bamboo extracts for instant moisturizing.  After the treatment, I was handed a mirror and I saw that my face was plumped up and nourished and that my skin was noticeably luminous.

Face rituals range in price from 6,300 yen to 24,150 yen. Face and body rituals range from 26,250 yen to 28, 350 yen.

Spa Tokione

Facilities: 6 Treatment Rooms (including one pair room)
Weekdays: 10:00-22:00
Saturdays: 10:00-21:00
Sunday and public holidays: 10:00-19:00
Days closed: Every third Sunday of the month
Tel: 03-5220-1131

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