Canine cloud-based health monitoring system refuses to let your sleeping dog lie


Have you ever seen an overweight dog? Many of us probably aren’t sure as, unlike with people, we don’t quite know what the ideal dog should look like. It’s especially difficult to see if our furrier pals are packing on some extra pounds, and with diabetes in dogs on the rise it’s becoming more important to.

It’s not hard to see why, however, as city dogs don’t have nearly enough space to run and play like their country cousins do. The urbanized lifestyle that has led to millions of overweight people is also plumping pooches worldwide. Luckily the modern life that is causing the problem is also offering a useful solution thanks to Fujitsu Ltd.

Fujitsu’s device is simply attached to the dog’s collar. Since it’s lightweight and consumes little electricity, it can be left on for 24 hours giving you a whole day’s worth of doggy diagnostic data.

This data is sent straight to your smartphone or PC using a specialized app to let you see under your dog’s metaphorical hood.  The information includes details like the number of steps they took, changes in their body temperature, or trembling.

This device also makes use of the trendy cloud data storage system. By automatically uploading the data to Fujitsu’s cloud you can keep a long term record of your dog’s health for a full analysis.

It’s shaping up to be a convenient way to alleviate worries over your best friend’s health. It also has the potential to save many canines’ lives as early detection is hugely important for them to survive diabetes.


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    Correct foods, in correct quantities (no "snacks") daily walks morning and evening will keep both dogs and humans in good shape, wherever they live, town or countryside.

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    I've read that, counter-intuitively, recessions lead to greater expenditure on pet-related products as families hunker down at home. This is one good example.

    All dogs need runs several times weekly in addition to their daily walks. Take them out jogging or have them jog alongside while you ride your bicycle - anything as long as its aerobic. This and proper diet will take care of their health.

    Disclaimer: my whippet, Devo, runs 60 - 80km per week. With that kind of schedule, he can eat whatever he pleases (though with that tiny whippet stomach, he has to do so little by little).

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