Myanmar looks to revive abandoned 'Death Railway'

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    The film was named Bridge ON the River Kwai not "over".

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    Read "The Naked Island" by Russell Braddon, he was one of the Australian POW's who was forced to the "Death Railway". According to him, nearly every meter of this rail line cost one human life.

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    While the horrors suffered and endured should never be forgotten, not sure a rainbow painted choo-choo train and a tourist attraction conveys the right message. Which isn't to say that if it brings much needed jobs and revenue into a depressed area it's not a good thing, but it's precisely the trivialization of the past that leads us to repeat it.

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    Tony Ew

    Abe, why don't you visit there when you went to South East Asia a few months ago? Since he did not, I hope Japanese tourists go there to learn history first hand, feel the kami of the dead there and teach the children of Japan.

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    I thought the numbers were 180,000 Asian laborers, 60,000 Allied prisoners worked on the railway and 90,000 laborers and 16,000 POWs died under "horrific" conditions. Australia give even larger numbers.

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    Bob Ridwan

    War = Inhuman Behaviour Let's Enjoy The Short Time We Have On This Beautiful Planet.

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