2 Chinese ships enter disputed waters

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    Nhan Thai

    since china is the biggest ass , the vast number of low quality weapon made in china , so japan needs sometimes to prepare before serving and executing these bullying china in the surrounding area of senkakus

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    certainly by now its not really news anymore. I do find it comical that civilized country in this day and age has to resort to this in relation to territorial dispute. I will refrain on commenting on any "facts" with this dispute as, its clear that neither side is interested in what the other party has to bring to the table in this arguement, so what is fact or fiction is insignificant. I think we can all agree that japan has essentially ended this dispute (one sidedly) by nationalizing the islands. China can continue to sail in the waters all it wants while japan just proceed to tap into the resources when ever they see fit.

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    That is truely great information, it is "news"?

    China will ALWAYS have its ships in the area from now on! Take your pick, accept it, or its a war. Taking Japan and its people, looking at the predictions for the upcoming elections, it will probably be war, sooner or later....

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    flowers the Nanjing Massacre was 75 years ago and the guilty are mostly dead. The Imperial government is gone and the Imperial Army is gone too. This is now being used to bash Japan. When the arguments run out this is brought up again and again.

    There could be room for a compromise but giving in to all of the Peoples Republic's demands is not compromise.

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    Since when there was the status quo? After reading an article on Nanjing Massacre I no longer trust J gov't. No wonder Japan is on the decline, all because the Japanese people can't get a better leader.

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    Analysts say Beijing is aiming to change the status quo by showing that its ships can come and go as they please in the waters.

    And Rightly So!

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