400,000 ordered to evacuate in 4 Kyushu prefectures

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    ¿La niña? or maybe ¿El niño? Not too sure, but my guess this year is not our normal year, because even the older folk down in Kyushu are saying that they have never seen so much rain in all of their LIVES! I hope the rain goes away soon for the good people of Kyushu, Japan ASAP!

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    This needs to be a bigger story. Where's the emergency response teams/Japanese government doing? Aid? Shouldn't there be a declaration of a federal disaster or some kind?

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    This needs to be a bigger story. Where's the emergency response teams/Japanese government doing? Aid? Shouldn't there be a declaration of a federal disaster or some kind?

    If you live here in Japan this already IS a HUGE story, on the news every morning, noon, and night, with updates all day long. The Japanese Self-Defense forces are out in force. Thousands are working round the clock to help with the evacuations and help the people.

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    I am living in Kumamoto City, Kyushu, and it is big news on the local stations here. My friends in London, Australia, New Zealand, and San Francisco, and even Qatar have also said they have watched news footage on their local channels about it. For me, the rains here are similar to what we used to get on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand (I am from Queenstown NZ), so that in itself hasn't shocked me per say, as my first experience of Kyushu's rainy season. However, the damage from mudslides and such rapid flooding did surprise me, given what looked like quite good infrastructure to contain flooding on the river banks and hillsides beforehand. With several more days of heavy rains predicted, this is only going to get worse, before it gets better. It looks like MDF are getting more involved now though, thankfully.

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    Vernie Jefferies

    I just got a message from my friend from that region, and he is on the volunteer fire department. They went out on a search party and found a man and his dog buried under several tons of debris, but unfortunately they were both unresponsive. R.I.P. to all the victims of this tragedy.

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    That's a lot of people, more than last years earthquake and tsunami, and more than the number of nuclear refugee's? Hope everyone finds a place to sleep.

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    I live in Kitakyushu. At about 2pm today I looked out the window and couldn't see 5 metres ahead. Just a white screen of water. I was soaked going home despite having wet weather gear, it was just hammering it down. Amazing.

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    Thanks to Yubaru, nzsnowman and yourock plus this article, I've realized Kyushu is really getting pummeled. I've rather been enjoying the gusty winds and splatter of droplets the last couple of days or so. I am glad I am not in Kyushu.

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    It's pretty bad here right now. But let's keep it in perspective. I'd rather be living in northern Kyushu (which I do) than North Korea.

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    At Ta

    Focal heavy rain is seen in Japan almost every year. This case is worse than that with a typhoon. Wet air continues blowing into the seasonal front, called Baiu-zensen. Rain sometimes feeds, sometimes damages. I do hope this disaster diminishs soon.

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    I live in Saga. I've been here for ~5 years now. This is easily the worst rainy season i've seen yet. Much more rain and we're gonna have to break out the scuba gear...

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    Peter Shaw

    @nzsnowman - how bad is it in kumamoto city? I was planning to visit the castle next weekend, but it now looks unlikely...

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    I used to live in Yatsushiro - does anyone know how it's fairing with the flooding?

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    Responds to some of you negative writers. Based on what I've seen and held, rescue is much better than Katrina. All agencies appear to be working around the clock to save lives. Speaking as a mountain clmber in Japan and having first hand knowledge of rescue teams in japan, i have to say Japan has one of the best search and rescue teams I know. Ps: looking at all the news articles, why is it comments are lacking in good news.

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    Matthew Simon

    Nagasaki here, This rain has been incredible the last few days bu the sun came out this morning. It looks like more rain may be on its way though.

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