80-year-old Miura plans third assault on Everest

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    Amanda Harlow

    Miura-sensei - Hokkaido skiers sending you good luck!!!!

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    Best of luck. Don't push it, though. It's not just your life you're risking if things get tough.

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    Japanese can edge healthy and this is better then just living long and sick. Japanese lady Ms Fukuda get her black belt in judo at 98 so this man is still young and hopefully he can beat that mountain and repair his heart.

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    Smithinjapan brings up a very good point. If (when) Miura runs into trouble should even get into the death zone, he jeopardizes the lives of his entire party. Everest is littered with the bodies of much younger climbers who were left where they died.

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    Good luck to him! He can inspire all other old people (and maybe even the not so old here who baulk at taking a flight of stairs) in Japan to get out and be active. I just hope it does not end in tears.

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    Why? Because it is there. Go prepared, the government does not need to spend money to rescue a bad decision.

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    I think it is irresponsible really. At 80 years old this is more about the enormous amount of money and support staff needed to carry an 80 year old one of the worlds most treacherous ego-trips.

    There has only ever been ONE excursion worth a damn up Everest: Sir Edmund Hilary in 1953 with his pal Sherpa Tenzing (and little know NZ'er George Lowe - who cut the steps to the summit for them). After that it is all just much or a muchness.

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