Abe proposes national security council to deal with crises

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    Horse - out. Now close the barn door. Standard operating procedure here....time and again.

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    I still don't see how this could possibly change anything from how it is now, aside from creating a bunch of amakudari positions. The PM was overseas when this started, and continued to be for another two days before he warranted it serious enough to come back. Even then there was no possible way to 'deal with it' from Japan save to demand this (after the fact) and expect this (after the fact). How would the new council alter anything, and if it does, who in the current government should lose their jobs because they are not doing them effectively?

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    I am surprised to learn that Japan has no Independent Security Concil. Hope Japan has a General Justice Attorney as well dealing with terrorists and organized criminals like Yakuza.

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    I agree with sillygirl and smithinjapan.

    Aren't these functions already covered in the Japanese government?

    Surely if the guys that were there got their butts out of the endless "meetings," "conferences" and report writing and actually DID some work, all this and MORE would be solved.

    Wouldn't it?

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    Yes I can see it now ministry of foreign affairs and the security council trying to take credit when things go well and blame each other when it doesn't if any thing gets done while they argue over who's problem it is before the crisis is over and then have an investigation into the reason by another council why nothing was done Love it!

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    Japan’s body count of 10 is the highest of any nation whose citizens were caught up in the crisis

    Yeah, but the article fails to mention that Japanese were also the highest number of foreign employees at the plant. I'm sorry but, all these people knew they were working in an extremely dangerous region of the world with a high risk of becoming a hostage. One of my students was working at this exact same plant a few years ago and he was not allowed to go anywhere without an armed guard. And, as sad as it is, I also agree with the Algerian decision to storm the plant. If they had given in to the terrorists' demands there would be a hostage crisis every week. They had to send a clear message that they would not tolerate it. Setting up a government department to deal with international crisis will do absolutely nothing from stopping this from happening again.

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    How has that horrible event in Algeria got anything to do with Japanese national security?

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    Aren't these functions already covered in the Japanese government?

    DOH! It obvious that if there was actually someone or people in these positions already there would be no need to make the suggestion that one was needed.

    The only way that this would be effective is if there were people trained and educated in national security issues and people within each party that would be or could be considered experts in these issues and folks not within the government apparatus already.

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