'Barefoot Gen' A-bomb comic strip author Keiji Nakazawa dies at 73

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    Thank you Keiji Nakazawa for your contribution in helping post-war Japan understand the horror and evil of war---- more specifically, atomic/ nuclear war . . . . It certainly could not have been easy to write/ draw @ the immense trauma your experienced in your early years . . . .May you be blessed now as you have entered into the arms of a loving God.

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    Michael Craig

    Rest in Eternal Peace, Mr Nakazawa.

    The World will continue your mission!

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    Peter Payne

    Thanks for telling your story to us, sir! An important voice from Japan. I remember watching the animated films 25 years ago or so. Lots of eyeballs popping out of sockets (could have been more subtle), but the story had an impact on me.

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    I saw an animated fllm 'Barefoot Gen' many years ago... I was a student of a school. Of course, by that time I knew who had bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Rest in Peace, Mr Nakazawa.

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    We need to eliminate this horror from our planet.If not Japan should never process this horror. The thought of killing people like this is horrible. Think using this on innocent people is no excuse. About Hiroshima and Nagasaki the Americans did not know what it would do to people. In their favor the Americans have not used them since.

    It is my hope and pray they are never again used. Nakazawa sanma am grateful for your manga. It has helped educate people about these fiendish bombs.

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    Passing of another great writer/mangaka.

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