Bull tosses, kills man in Shiga

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    Maybe the farmer made a mistake and tried to milk the bull? And the bull didn't like it.

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    Tom DeMicke

    And that's no bull! Seriously though, he must have been in pain and agony before he died. Terrible way to go and just at the beginning of the new year!

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    Scarey stuff! We used to have bulls on the farm and they are extremely unpredictable. Plus, they are very large and powerful.

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Bulls are also very, very horny!! My guess the bull wanted some action from the milk cow, old McDonald came around just at the wrong time, pissing the bull off and now he is dead. El toro can be mucho peligroso!! Not a good idea to have bulls and cows very close unless you want the bull and the cows to do their sexy moves.

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    See what happens when someone gets between a man and his cow.

    Sorry but at that age he should have known better.

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    Thats one thing I dont miss about Walesl. (Not whales). Driving along tiny hillside lanes, sans fences, and finding the way blocked by an animal the size of a tanker truck, with eyes like tiny rocks. I could not believe it when they said 'he'd never hurt a fly'. He always looked to me like he was waiting for someone, (me), to dare to ask him to move over.just a tiny bit. ....You couldnt drive around him on the steep hillside. He didnt look too bright, but I guess he knew that much. So sorry about this poor gentleman who died, Im sure he was aware of the danger, since he knew about cows., Perhaps its snowing, and he was cold and thought he would take the risk to get the job done faster. RIP, not-so-old guy.

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    This bull is a bully. Put him to sleep.

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    Herve Nmn L'Eisa

    What a horrible way to go. RIP.

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