Crown prince diagnosed with flu


Crown Prince Naruhito on Monday was diagnosed with influenza, the Imperial Household Agency said. The crown prince, who turned 53 on Saturday, canceled his activities for both Monday and Tuesday, TBS reported.

The agency said the crown prince had a fever with a temperature of over 37.5 degrees.

The crown prince, who is honorary president of the U.N. Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation, is scheduled to speak about Japan’s experience of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami at a special U.N. session on water and disaster on March 6 during a four-day trip to New York. 

Japan Today

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    You and half the country, Naru-chan. Get well soon.

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    Hopefully, he'll be travelling to New York by taking some rest and a dose of tamiflu.

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    Tony Alderman

    Ah, poor diadems....not.

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    Ah yes, puling a sickie after a long weekend of partying. We've all done it. He probably spent Sunday lying next to the toilet bowl. Drink lots of water, get some food down you, and have one of those ウコンの力 turmeric drinks, my friend. And get well soon.

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    Ewan Huzarmy

    37 degrees, I'm suffering with a temperature too....... 39.5 when I checked last.

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    From wiki

    The commonly accepted average core body temperature (taken internally) is 37.0 °C (98.6 °F).

    The Japanese was 37度台後半. So he was somewhere between 37.5 and 38.

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    ..37...? Um that's not a fever... That's from drinking some iced tea.

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    And? Put it on Twitter, not the news.

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    Poor dear. I hope he is getting good medical attention.

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    This is news? I agree with Onniyama

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    He should get out and about a bit more and build up some natural immunity, instead of living in the sterile, sanitized environment overseen by the Imperial Household Agency...

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    He should get out and about a bit more

    The prince is out and about all the time.

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    Perhaps a bundle of tax payer money can be borrowed to ease the symptoms of this bludger. Why this news escapes me, that I should care is even more a mystery; that taxpayer Yen should be wasted on these unproductive layabouts is obscene.

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    Cortes Elijah

    He has a fever? Boo hoo. Think of all the normal people? This isn't news!

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    Stephanie Simpson Matsuzaki

    I sympathize with him, but half the country has a cold or flu (or worse) so this isn't worthy of news in my opinion. Anyway お大事にしてください!

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    when did someone gettting sick from the flu become news material? I know he's the crown prince and all but he has a low fever and an illness half the country is suffering from every's not something that needs to be reported in my opinion..still I hope he and everybody else with the flu get well soon.

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    At least 17 people commenting must have thought it was newsworthy. They clicked on the article after reading the headline after all.

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    So what?

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