Emperor turns 79; reassures well-wishers he is in good health

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    Congratulations to the Emperor ! . . . . . . Emperor Akihito , with Michiko, his wife, have represented Japan with great dignity and grace these last 23 years . . . . .and I wish him all the best .

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    my grandfather who was the navy survived from the war. when Emperor Showa appeared on TV, he always stood up and saluted for the Emperor.

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    I do like the Japanese emperor a lot.

    He seems to be the only one in charge around here who seems to have his head screwed on.

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    "the bitter cold ( in Tokyo )"

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha It was almost balmy in Tokyo today.

    I wish the emperor and everyone else who hasn't done anything bad well.

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    The passage

    A very happy birthday. Just 79, so a mere whippersnapper in Japanese longevity terms! All the very best!

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    detlef langer

    Congratulations to my Emperor-in-law! I wish him all the very best! May he live long in good health!

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