Fukushima reactor steam still baffling: TEPCO

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    With this level of confusion and complete lack of understanding of what's going on, they should close down the reactors, complete mopping up operations and establish some renewable, non-nuclear energy source as soon as possible.

    Then hold a REAL investigation into WHO is responsible.

    People's lives are at stake.

    Nuclear power in a seismically challenged country like Japan is NOT a good idea.

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    Baffling indeed! I am baffled as to why these baffoons are still in charge of this clean up.

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    Can we please have someone that knows what the hell they are doing, you might as well but 10 year olds in charge of this.

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    tweedle dee tweedle dum but only one of them are radioactive, but which one?

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    No one takes responsibility whatsoever.

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    @zichi, Some how this story reminds me more of:

    Humpty Dumpty refused to build a tsunami wall.... :-/

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    Oh I am shocked at how TEPCO appears to be clueless about this all while the Japanese government just sits and waits. And bails them out with our taxes... all while suggesting we should restart the other old and aging reactors. Via Japan!

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    Tavi Cosma

    Common TEPCO, we are talking about fricking nuclear reactors not cam fires. Wtf, are they that incompetent??

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    ** Wtf, are they that incompetent??**

    Do you really need to ask?

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    Baffling and Tepco in the same heading... nothing has changed i see.

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    Ron Barnes

    May be it was not there in the First Place or they are hiding something else that is worse . One will never know as when have they ever told anyone how it rely is, Maybe they don't know them selves as every worker has never had this experience before.

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    TEPCO Official: This PROVES that TEPCO is magic! You see, we sacrificed a goat and cast some spells with our vast knowledge of science and physics, and fixed the problem!

    Interviewer: Umm... yes. Well, then, what was the level of radiation and temperature?

    TEPCO: Well, duh! There was steam wasn't there? So at least hotter than outside! Probably not abnormally hot, though. And, uh, no abnormal radiation.

    Interviewer: What's abnormally hot in such situations?

    TEPCO: (confused look) Hotter than normal. Probably too hot to go in like the resort saunas in the Caymans.

    Interviewer: (rolls eyes) And 'abnormal' radiation?

    TEPCO: More than normal. You can't possibly expect me to explain, or you yourself understand, the complexities of this nukular thing-a-ma-jig. It disappeared, proving everything is under control and TEPCO wins again!

    Interviewer: (sighs) Look, perhaps you'd like to tell me why it seem TEPCO has absolutely no control over what's going on, and for that matter, no IDEA what's going on?

    TEPCO: Hm? Sorry, I was thinking about butterflies. I saw a cabbage moth the other day and it was so pretty. I wanted to spray water and make rainbows. By the way, can you unplug that thing over there? it's been rumbling all day.

    Interviewer: That's a generator, so no.

    TEPCO: A what? Anyhoo... I have a steak waiting for me in Kyoto, so I have to get to the private jet. You wanna one-month gig to clean up the areas around the plant? Big money, free living, food, no contract...

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    Still nobody wants to go into the reactor building. Maybe someday wheb we build massive mechas

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    Wait....I thought TEPCO already gave an explanation?????


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    Still nobody wants to go into the reactor building. Maybe someday wheb we build massive mechas

    That would be a quick(er) death for any worker entering the No3 reactor building. The radiation level outside is 10 SIEVERTS/hour. Inside must be even higher.

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    Here's a pair of complimentary acronyms: TEPCO and SNAFU. They go together like ham and cheese!

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    Isn't it interesting that the Tepco official stated the same thing happened last year, but they didn't release that information. I'm sure we are only getting about a 10th of the truth from Tepco. But come Sunday, people will vote for Abe and the LDP, who fully back Tepco and all their gross incompetence!

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    My guess (and I'm no expert) is that steam is generally caused by water plus heat... but hey I'm just a layperson, so why believe me.

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    Yogi Zuna

    Nuclear power in any country is not a good idea, but especially in Japan!

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    Japan is earthquake earthquake prone literally in every single piece of land except maybe in Nagasaki, how can you possibly want to build nuclear power plants in such a hostile land?? Camon Abe san and associates you can come up with a better plan to generate clean energy? There are just so many alternatives to nuclear power which could alone regenerate the economic prospectives of this country and put it ahead of the the most advanced nations again!

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    Let's just stick our collective heads in the sand, then it will be O.K.

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    still did not know what caused steam seen inside a reactor building, nor why it was no longer there.

    Steam was also sighted at least once in July last year

    So they had a year to investigate and they are guessing it related to rain? Sounds like the same type of investigation as whether or not they needed to raise the sea wall after a seismologist said in 2007 that the sea wall wasn't high enough based on passed earthquakes. They were still investigating when the tsunami breached the sea wall.

    no change to the amount of toxic chemicals it is releasing.

    So, that means they are releasing toxic chemicals.

    admitted in recent weeks that groundwater and soil samples taken at the plant are showing high readings for potentially cancer-causing isotopes, including cesium-137, tritium and strontium-90.

    So, the land and water around the plant is continuing to be contaminated. And, they are being washed out to sea. The plant is still critical, its just that TEPCO doesn't know how critical. TEPCO is supposed to come up with a plan to decommission the plant but since they can't even completely shut it down, the fuel is still hot and can't be moved. How can they decommission it? Maybe we have a "China Syndrome" happening here with the fuel that already melted together. The fuel may be slowly eating its way through the containment. It's a good a guess as what TEPCO is coming up with, just they they seem to see things as the glass being full when it's empty.

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    Japan is earthquake earthquake prone

    Pretty good-sized quake in Fukushima this morning, in fact. With all these leaks, that's what I'm worried about. One more thing busts loose, and the mess gets a lot messier..

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    It is not at all baffling and here is why!

    The radioactive material that was encased in fuel rods has melted leading to its escape.

    Japan is experiencing higher summer temperatures thus the escaped fuel is being heated and is reacting with more vigor.

    As the summer progresses I would think that 'steam' sightings will increase

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    OK. Now I'm worried. Glad my wife talked me into keep buying bottled water from elsewhere. Get it together Japan? Swallow ur pride and let other countries help a bit more to solve this problem?

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    I still would like to know how a rat got in to an apparently sealed reactor. If it can get in its likely stuff can get out like maybe um steam... Yep. Definitely time for Japan to swallow its pride, admit it has no clue how to deal with this and get help.

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    Charles M Burns

    Unbelievable, still not a clue.

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