Globis to launch MBA course in English

Globis to launch MBA course in English President Yoshito Hori, left, and Dean of the Globis University John C. Beck, right, pose in a press conference on Tuesday.


The Globis group on Tuesday said it will launch the “Globis University” to provide a part-time MBA course in Tokyo and Osaka, consisting of classes taught in English, in April next year. It will start to accept applications from Japanese and foreign applicants in September.

The university aims to be a top-ranked business school in Asia, said John C Beck, who has been appointed dean. “I always wondered why in the second largest economy, there wasn’t a world class business school. It is an interesting opportunity to try to create that.”

Globis has provided its part-time MBA courses taught in Japanese since 2006. In April, the university obtained the status of “educational corporation” from the Ministry of Education. The group plans to provide business education as an academic institution as well as commercial business training services to corporations and individuals.

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    Interesting. I wonder if this upstart will be as influential and reknown as the University of Phoenix MBA program.

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