Honda denies nuclear mission for ASIMO robot

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    ASIMO is an autonomous robot. Can't walk through debris, limited power and many other things. When we talk about robots on disaster site, we mean remotely controlled robots.

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    Can this robot do anything other than wave at people and look cute?

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    Kids and Adults would be heart-broken if ASIMO would succumb to radiation poisoning/cancer and die in a hospital. =Much better Tepco job for the unemployed who cannot be traced easily.

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    I think it would be beneficial if he was sent out to the frontlines of disaster areas, American robots apparently did

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    Al Stewart

    They should jump on it. It would be awesome. And if it was effective, then companies around the world would try to buy one. And then we would start the irobot age

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    Anyone who has had any contact with Asimo knows that it requires a large number of technicians and a specially prepared smooth floor for its media performances in front of bankers and easily-impressed corporate audiences. It would be no use in a relatively hostile environment with stairs and narrow passageways cluttered with debris...

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    why would they develop something really useful in safety japan? everything is for show.

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    @It"S MEAug. 14, 2011 - 11:58AM JST

    I'm sure that ASIMO development only for office. If i rigth understand ASIMO not baced on radiation safe components also thermo safe and others... But it can be tested on Fukushima. May be it can use for view area and diagnose sounds.

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