Hundreds of Miyagi residents seek equal compensation as Fukushima

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    Typical TEPCO response, as if radiation suddenly stops spreading when it hits the border.

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    Tepco is bankrupt. There is no money.

    I wish it was not the case, but we can't give compensation to every single person along the east coast of Japan for what happened at Fukushima.

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    What was it again, TEPCO lawyers stated in a Tokyo Court, TEPCO isn't responsible for any radiation beyond the borders of its Fukushima plant? Guess they still believe that?

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    This is a familiar strategy by the government that was widely seen in the Minamata cases that dragged on for decades and numerous other compensation cases. First they arbitrarily divide the compensated. Then, after lengthy court cases they are divided again. Ideally the time taken to travel through the purposely-glacial justice system takes so long that bunches of uncompensated agree out of court and no legal precedent is set.

    Of course, TEPCO should be liable and not the taxpayer, but they were not insured for this disaster and there was no legal obligation that they should be. As in almost everything in Japan, the taxpayer has to step in and no one seems to wonder why there was no insurance (whether it is for industrial pollution or foot and mouth disease on farms). Meanwhile, large sums can always be found to bail out companies but the government fights tooth and nail to avoid compensating individuals.

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    The government and charity groups should be made to account for all the money donated nationally and internationally. All that money should go towards cleaning up, rebuilding, and supporting the areas hit. Anything else is fraud.

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    So low amount of money

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    Tepco is bankrupt. There is no money.

    So you mean to say that if you were responsible for a "man-made" catastrophe you would just say : "Sorry ! I'm bankrupt ! Can't help you out ! Fend for yourselves ..." ??? Charming !

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    Realistically, I think TEPCO owes compensation to just about everybody in Kanto or even the whole of Japan for that matter. All the inconvenience caused by power cuts after the meltdown, the exposure through foods, all the people in support industries that lost income and jobs, TEPCO's lies and incompetence that just keep coming. The list goes on and on! I said from the outset, there is not enough money in Japan to fully compensate everyone directly and indirectly effected by TEPCO's 'man-made' disaster.

    However, the things that really get to me are, nobody from TEPCO has been held accountable nor has anyone faced any charges and, we have this wombat Abe promoting nuclear power and wanting to start up all the reactors again. One nuclear disaster has virtually destroyed the economy and this twit wants to keep using them? It's just un-trucking-believable!!!

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    Amazing. So TEPCO is 'bankrupt' by they want to post a profit this year? Let me ask you, did they accept money from prefectures outside the borders of Fukushima when the plant was working? Why can't they pay out, then?

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    Ron Barnes

    EVERY ONE SHOULD BE COMPENSATED but where from .The Nuclear energy group or the Governments that want this sort of energy supply or may be a few rich politicians. Maybe even the users them selves through increased levies for generations to come .It has been known for a long time not to build this sort of a facility in unstable areas where earthquakes ,Tsunami,s e t c, can occur. I put it this way, some one in your government needs to look very closely to its nuclear programme and export of this faulty technologies.

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    I totally agree these people deserve the same rights as the people in Fukushima Prefecture

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    TEPCO is a booming Stock, alone in the last Week we saw a increase of more than 400% (Fourhundred), to call them "out of Money" is wrong!

    They are able to get Money from a Bank on Credit and they should do this because it is more than unfair to let us pay for all the Damage but the Profit goes to the Sharks alone!

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    Every resident should be given some sort of compensation. Was it their fault? The government was negligent and it destroyed people's livelihoods.

    It doesn't have to be a monetary compensation. Where is our money being used if not for the people affected? Oh right. Whale hunts.

    The japanese government should be all tried for treason.

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    How many 0 are there in the compensation? I tried to count, but I couldn't. High high electricity money exists for each of Japanese people.

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