International flights from Sendai Airport resume


International flight operations from Sendai Airport, which had been canceled since the Tohoku earthquake, reopened on Thursday night with the departure of a chartered jet carrying 130 passengers to Malaga in Spain.

The airport was severely damaged in the earthquake and ensuing tsunami that struck the Tohoku region on March 11. Authorities say that the flights are currently limited to Japanese nationals, because the immigration control system has not yet been completely restored.

Passengers are currently unable to board airplanes directly from the terminal and are instead asked to use a gangway. An airport spokesman said that although only chartered and non-regular flights are operating at the moment, regular routes will resume from next month.

One departing passenger said, “I’d like to thank the repair crews for getting the airport back in a useable state so quickly.”

Compiled from news reports

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    What is taking immigration control so long to handle non-nationals? As a Canadian champing at the bit to visit friends in Sendai, I get increasingly frustrated by the wait.

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