JAL grounds planes for 5-day maintenance checks after series of incidents involving service mistakes


Following a series of mistakes made by service and maintenance staff working on Japan Airlines’ planes, JAL said Saturday it had grounded several planes for a period of five days this month for a mandated safety and maintenance check.

According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism, from October of last year to May of this year, a total of 16 cases involving maintenance mistakes have occurred with JAL planes, TBS reported.

In one case, service crews forgot to secure a particular engine component during maintenance, causing the plane to dangerously and unexpectedly decelerate as the neglected engine suddenly reversed thrust during landing. Company officials believe the engine may have been permanently damaged during the incident.

This and other similar events caused by errors and poor maintenance work have prompted JAL to ground all of their planes for five days beginning on May 19th in order to perform safety and maintenance checks. 

Japan Today

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    This sounds quite serious. Not securing an engine part securely? Yikes!

    I wonder if the workers are contractors?

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    Ah, JAL... always the finest.

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