Japan detects xenon in air after N Korean nuclear test

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    Kim lost his brain and he dos not know other ways to bring some attention accept making nuclear explosion. He is acting like 5 year old.

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    It is not just Kim. They live in a society that can't be changed. If someone try to change their political structure, it is considered revolutionary and they are sent to death。 People in South and in the North are the same, but in the South, there is democracy. That means, very dangerous situation since any try to put pressure in their regime from outside has almost no effect. North Korea is also risky for China in a long term.

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    " They live in a society that can't be changed."

    Sounds a bit like Japan.

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    Steve Christian

    The rest of the world should agree to reduce its nuclear arsenal (special emphasis on the first four letters of that word) in exchange for North Korea ending its nuclear pursuits. Anything else would be hypocritical.

    And if they refuse? Let the cruise missiles find the appropriate targets. But only after an honest attempt to make the deal.

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