Japan readies missile defense over N Korean rocket

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    Sheena Justice-Williams

    So Okinawa people, are you scared of North Korea doing a missile launch this month? Are you sure you want the U.S. Military gone now? I didn't think so....

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    I find the development of anti-missile technology to be absolutely fascinating. Yet another page is etched in the epic, history-spanning fight between the sword and the shield. Ah, Aegis - what a beautifully appropriate name! That divine shield, repelling the crude attacks from a barbarous land!

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    Cortes Elijah

    Think before you dislike this,

    North Korea has every right as much as the U.S to develop this. Japan? ease up....they wont attack you.

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    Deplore- a bit flowery for a missile, don't u think?

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    The rocket in April only lasted 90 secs, I doubt this one will last longer.

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    Neil McDonald

    North Korea should be building tractors instead of missiles. People here don't fear an attack as much as they fear that North Korea's 2nd hand Chinese missile technology will cause the missile to go off course and crash into a populated area.

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    I suppose any preparation is good in case North Korean Missile missed its target but having to mobilized ground, marine and air force is a bit over killed.

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    North Korea has tested many of it's "missiles" in the past, which failed, malfunctioned and/ or exploded. it also veered off it's original course.

    I don't think Japan is overreacting at all, deploying these PAC-3 missiles are appropriate.

    You definitely don't want a nation with a record of failed missile launches shooting another one so close to home.
    Especially if with one mistake, it could really harm your civilians. This is also a multi-staged rockets, which it's will detaches it's rockets in mid-air, it would cost alot more damage in multiple areas if something goes wrong.

    I just hope it doesn't fly over any populated area, which most likely South Korea, Japan's Kyushu and Okinawa.

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    good coverage very well written article thank you .

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    China is concerned? Yes, China is concerned that his evil twin bungled again his missile launch, and NKorea will blame these again to Chinese junk missile technology.

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    North Korea's meager resources are better spent helping their starving people instead.

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    So Okinawa people, are you scared of North Korea doing a missile launch this month? Are you sure you want the U.S. Military gone now? I didn't think so....

    Ask Okinawans then. Betcha, in their eyes your military forces isn't better than North Koreans.

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    Seiryuu_Dan it makes a good excuse for a deployment. Repetition makes proficient. They can think of it as an exercise.

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    Eve Aphayboun

    Oh, North Korea, trying to flex their muscles again for some attention? I'm starting to feel sad for them. They really need to stop this posturing, and come into the 21st Century. There's no reason in this day and age for a 3rd world nation to be threatening the surrounding countries who are much more advanced...

    I highly doubt it will get very far to be honest. Appropriate response by the Japanese government.

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    To be fair NK was going to make a demonstration to counter the SK launch which was scrubbed at the end of last month.

    NK had everything prepared and now they can't back down even though their brothers in the south had.

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    Jozabad Uruha

    Made in Japan missiles vs Made in China (NKorea) Rockets... Let's see who wins....

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    China Wong

    N KOREA launch rocket not misille, N KOREA have right to launch rocket !!!!!

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    Great, show your cards, then try to bluff. What century and place is this? What happened to all the defense missiles in Hokkaido? It probably is a good idea to keep the soldiers busy, at least it keeps the away from the polish.

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