Japanese racing pigeon flies across Pacific to Canada

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    “They asked us whether he had travel documents and so on, and we said, ‘No, he flew here on his own,’ and so they labeled it a migratory bird, which allowed us to hand it over, without (having to fill out) a bunch of Customs paperwork, to the local pigeon racing society, which offered to give it a new home,” Westcott said.

    And that, right there, is why I love Canada. Other countries it'd be tied up in legal limbo for months on end.

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    Ian Robertson

    One plucky pigeon, for sure.

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    "...eventually hopskotching its way to Canada, stopping and sleeping on freighters along the way..."

    Not only a tough little guy but a smart one. He's no birdbrain.

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    Very tired but very smart pigeon- Vancouver Island is a great travel destination.

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    Dennis Bauer

    Win on endurance, fail on GPS

    “I’m sure his offspring would be very good long range racers,”

    Except they never reach the finish :P

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    There are 1000 kilometer pigeon races held in Japan but only about 10% make it back. I remember back in the sixties a Japanese racing pigeon flew from Hokkaido to Alaska.

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    Pigeon to the crowd: I just flew in from Japan, boy are my wings tired.

    I'll be appearing all week.

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    at least missile defense didn't shoot it down. hehe. such an amazing story in my opinion. poor pigeon it fought to save its life.

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    but he did not wish to pay to have the pigeon flown back aboard a commercial jetliner

    He could have just ordered it to fly home again. Isn't that what they do?

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    "Other countries it'd be tied up in legal limbo for months on end."

    And we know this how? ?

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    can it be that birds are at least in some ways superior to human beings?

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    "The pidgeon was discovered tired"

    The pidgeon must have been out of shape, ha ha

    And out of poop, ha ha

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    I believe someone has already mentioned it; this bird landed on a ship and hitched a ride. I recall in my old Navy days an owl hitched a ride on our ship in Korea, was fed by the sailors onboard and got off in Hawaii.

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    I hope that he finds a new direction in the new world....

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