Jiggly yellow pear Funasshi named top mascot in Japan


After two weeks of voting, Funasshi, the official “yuru-kyara” (mascot) representing Funabashi City in Chiba Prefecture, has come out as the number one local mascot in all of Japan.

Known for his amazing jumping power and jiggly, almost convulsive movements, Funasshi bounced his way into the hearts of the Japanese people. He was joined by six other bizarre mascots, including the snarling half melon, half bear character from Hokkaido and a chubby dolphin from Kagawa Prefecture, for the announcement of the election results on August 6.

Funasshi will join the ranks of Kumamon of Kumamoto Prefecture, the Yuru-Kyara Grand Prix 2011 winner, and Bari-san of Imabari City in Ehime Prefecture, last year’s winner.

The Yuru-Kyara Grand Prix 2013 voting was held on the Internet from July 10 to July 25. The final winner was chosen from among the top mascots of each of the seven regions in Japan with Funasshi, representing the Kanto region, coming out on top.

Source: Hachima Kiko

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    Unless things have changed in the last 24 hours, this article is incorrect. This pear is an UNofficial, not official, yurukyara for Funahashi.

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    This is the most annoying mascot every created! Looks more like a crack addicted hackysack.

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    Sorry for my typo, Funahashi should have been Funabashi.

    Yes, this guy is a bit, umm, manic. I have wondered if he has springs or something on the bottom of his feet. How is he able to jump so high, so often? He is also unusual in that he speaks. Most, if not all, other yurukyara have to be accompanied by and speak through a human "interpreter".

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    Vernie Jefferies

    I have to admit that I enjoy watching this mascot on television when I get the chance. Even though it looks like a cheap costume, he has a unique personality. While other mascots are slow and clumsy, this little guy can actually jump very high and go into rapid convulsions. I can't imagine the heat he produce inside that suit. More power to him.

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    I also confess that this fellow has grown on me and I am now rather fond of him. His suit looks cheap and homemade because it is. Being an unofficial mascot, he paid for the materials out of his own pocket and made it himself. When I found some of his novelty items at the local store recently I bought a few items in hopes of some of the money reaching him in return for the times he has made me laugh with his antics on TV. I also thought it admirable that after winning this contest he said he would not be in the running next year because the whole point of these mascots is to bring some fame, vitality, and prosperity to the local areas. Therefore it would go against that spirit to hog the limelight so he will step aside and give others the chance to win.

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    Carlos Godoy

    He is so much fun to watch and he's got a great personality, interacting with the audience, and he's hot good timing ss well.

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    I actually saw a new app that ha Bari-San..actually really cute! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flying-bari/id877902897?mt=8

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