M6.1 earthquake strikes off northeast Japan

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    Ron Barnes

    Still Japan wants Nuclear power, Nature can destroy all that man can build .

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    Felt my apartment on the 3rd floor here in Yokohama sway for a good 10-15 seconds

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    Big shaking at the destroyed Fukushima atomic power plant. There are still many unstable buildings, including reactor buildings 1-4. The main admin building was so damaged by the 3/11 disaster that its been off limits ever since. The storage tank for the highly irradiated water are just plonked onto the ground without any thought about earthquakes or tsunamis.

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    Vernie Jefferies

    I actually saw the quake notice on TV before I felt the shaking here in Tokyo.

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    I must have been on my bike as I did not feel anything...

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    She wasn't so strong up in Fukushima thankfully - but my apartment shook for half a minute or so. Not liking the increased frequency lately...

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    The storage tank for the highly irradiated water are just plonked onto the ground without any thought about earthquakes or tsunamis.

    There are hundreds of water tanks. As much as I dislike TEPCO, the reality is there's nowhere else to put them. And it's better that they're closer to the plant than further away. Just glad the earthquake hasn't caused a calamity there.

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    Christopher Joseph Ravida

    Shook in Tama-Plaza in Kanagawa for about 30-45 seconds. nothing major though but u could definetely feel it

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    I felt the shaking in tokyo for sure, turned on the TV for the news. I hope these morons at TEPCO and the ministry of energy or what ever it is in Japan is playing attention to the fact.. Japan is join to shake and move from today and always. if the power provider can't handle a 8mag or so... they should't be in business.

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    Peter Payne

    I was in a Toto showroom buying a new butt washing toilet, er, testing one of the models out, when this hit. Lol.

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    I think since March 11 earthquakes in japan are such big news now. They used to be something that you shrugged off as a regular thing.

    Hold onto your computer monitor with one hand and try to type with the other till the shaking stops.

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    "I was really drunk at the time..." thought it was me that was swaying

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    We will be visiting Miyagi in July, Sendai and Kesennuma. Our last visit we had a 6.9, the time before that we had a 6.2. Take care

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    Elbuda Mexicano

    Quake?? What quake?? Never felt a thing in Tokyo or Saitama!!

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