Metal objects found in elementary school lunches on two occasions in Oita


Metal objects have been found on two occasions in elementary school lunches in Kusu and Bungo-ono cities in Oita Prefecture.

According to police, on Tuesday, a six-grade boy discovered a paperclip, measuring 7 cm in length and 1 mm in width, inside a bread roll with his school lunch at a school in Bungo-ono, Sankei Shimbun reported. According to the local education board, the boy found the object when he broke the bread and felt a sharp point with his finger. He was not injured.

A day earlier, at Morichuo Elementary School in Kusu, a 4th-grade boy was eating his lunch of simmered Japanese mustard spinach and sardines when he felt something hard in his mouth: a ring-shaped piece of metal measuring 7 mm in diameter and 2 mm in thickness. The school said the boy wasn’t injured. 

The board of education has inspected the cooking utensils used at the meal service center but reported no abnormalities during the investigation.

Japan Today

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    Aly Rustom

    Good thing no one was injured. This could have ended much much worse. Hope they start paying more attention to safety and sanitation.

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    Difficult. Paper clips are not usual cooking utensils. Was it a prank or a serious health violation that could of led to death. Don't forget the 710 kids sick last week from school lunches.

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    Aly Rustom

    good point

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    Elementary school kids serve their own lunches. I'd suspect a kid is doing it.

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