New underwater images show damage at Fukushima reactor

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    How to get a crane out of a melted down reactor?

    Is it possible?

    One year after it fell all we have are 'dramatic pictures'


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    Could the quake itself have dislodged the crane from its rails? Don't always need an explosion.

    @kurisupisu - it's in the spent fuel pool, not the reactor vessel. The crane can't be removed easily as: 1) existing framework of No3 reactor building is in the way for a clear hoist and 2) radiation levels.

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    any word on the condition of the spend fuel rods?

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    This 1 year later, Japan should have accepted more help in the robot department. Japan prides itself on robots but quickly found out that their love robots don't operate at places like this.

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    Japan prides itself on robots

    yes, but robots that can dance, play soccer and ride a bike, nothing practical !

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    Beautiful picture.

    Much clearer than we were led to believe by the news release a couple of days ago, and shows more damage than suggested.

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    Why do I get the feeling that they issued the least 'graphic' photo. I would like to see all of them. But no... We will be treated like immature children and spoon fed BS..

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    And these are pictures from just the spent fuel storage pool. Imagine what the actual melted-down cores look like? Sounds like the estimate of decades to finally put Fukushima behind Japan is about right.

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    Aaron Wells Agagon Lucero

    Nothing dramatic about an image of a nuclear reactor.

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    So when was this picture taken? And why is it released now?

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    They're having to play catch-up and design equipment that will operate not only in water, but hold off high doses of radiation. I wonder how long this camera worked before it failed due to hard radiation?

    I'm kind of surprised nobody had designed this before - apparently in ANY country.

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    everyone knew about the damage exept tepco. it should work on the cleaning up, reducing the radiation level

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