Pedal power team aims for human flight record

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    Modern day worth reading at last....go for it Team Aeroscepsy. Only wish I was there with you. GOOD LUCK.

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    Hide Suzuki

    I love this kind of challenge. It might not be for million $s but sounds very interesting. Hope they will break the existing record

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    God speed then, Gokurakutombo

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    So good to see such great minds and money spent in such a worthy endeavor. I'm sure such feats will have results that will change history for the better while helping million s of people avoid something terrible. God speed.

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    It is not the weight of the wings but the drag.

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    I'm surprised to learn that Daedalus weighed only 31kg, and that was back in 1988. You may have a very good point there, YuriOtani.

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