Rocket launch is to mark anniversary of Kim Jong-Il's death: ex-sushi chef

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    Ewan Huzarmy

    According to our source ...... 'bloke down the pub', he is also being baked a giant bulkogi 'cake' to commemorate the occasion, adds the former butcher, baker and candlestick maker.

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    I suggest lighting a nice candle in his father's memory. They smell good, don't litter the ocean, and don't result in war.

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    Well who are we to argue with a defence and military expert like the sushi chef?

    Wait... what?

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    I think it will be another humiliating blast into the ocean, with yet another "Back to the chaulk board" Explaination....etc...etc...etc...and so on...OH! ...and by the way is his sushi any good???...his info is excellent!!!

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    Sometimes the king's clown knows more about the king than anybody else. His sushi-chef can be allowed to have a more personal relationship. Let's hope the young NK leader succeeds into making his country a better one both for it's inhabitants and for their neighbors.

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    Why try to search for logical answers from the Hermit Kingdom.

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    Quote: "Fujimoto only ever appears in public wearing aviator sunglasses and a bandana, precautions he insists are necessary to keep him safe from North Korean agents who would spirit him back to Pyongyang if they could find him."

    There can't be many Tokyoites who always wear aviator sunglasses and a bandana. Not much of a disguise if you ask me.

    Instead of an ICBM, why can't they just have a big friendly fireworks party, just with slightly smaller rockets?

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    If Fujimoto is correct that means Kim Jong-Un is only a puppet figure and the power and decision makers are the Military

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