Scientists study oyster 'language'

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    (So what did you do today ? I had a great conversation with a couple of oysters.)sarcasm sorry. But it gives you an insight into the different roles science plays in society. Especially here, the farming of oysters. In japan there is a large oyster farming culture. I think under the present circumstances this science is valued (as long as it stays truthful in its findings), especially by the oyster farming community and the consumer.The consumer being very conscious about what products are safe to eat nowadays,even today another article about contaminated milk powder, so any article that helps consumers ease their fears while shopping helps. ( I wonder what those scientist talk about with the oysters ? )

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    Will they yell radiation when it arrives?

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    first words spoken by an oyster: "I...can't...breathe!"

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    They been saying "Oi you over there, hope we dont get cancer from all this radiation leaching into the pacific"

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    If these supposed aphrodisiacs could talk, they'd speak the language of love.

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    Whenever I try to talk with them, they always clam up...

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    in an effort to find out what they are saying about their environment

    They might need a herring aid for that!

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    Are they harvesting the oysters using boats and ships with RESEARCH in two storey sized font on the side? Is it funded from the tsunami money, which the whalers have snaffled? We DEMAND the truth, not poor attempts at covering slaughter.

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    mine say 'eat me'

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    Japanese science hard at work once again! LMFAO!

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    mine say 'eat me'

    That's what she says

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