Sega seeks stream of success with 'Toylet' games

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    As if the lines for the toilet were not long enough sometimes. Now they will be longer as some guys take squirt guns to the bar!

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    Is that a joke?

    In “Violent wind warning has been issued”, the player tries to blow up a virtual girl’s skirt with a digital wind, also dependent on the power of his flow.

    Isn't that offensive?

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    I see lawsuits coming. Some drunk guy is playing "Violent Wind Warning Has Been Issued", he drinks a bunch but is not all that successful in getting that "Skirt" to fly up. He, now quite drunk, takes out his frustration on a real girl and lifts her skirt or even worse. Sega is playing with fire here.... they'd better be careful.

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    Does this "game" have a high score ranking as well?

    Great ... now I guess we'll see some guy running to a bar because he has been holding it in for several hours just to see a digital skirt, which I'm thinking would be the best-selling one.

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    I predict more accidents at the bar, as we hold until the last minute for max flow

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    Men... !!!

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    This gives bar customers more things to talk about when they return from bathrooms to their tables

    So is the expectation to have guys go to the bathroom together in pairs as the ladies do? That idea alone belongs in the crapper.

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    I swear... someone over in Sega's idea department is smoking a lot of weed!

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    The cries of "Don't Stop Now!!!" coming from the men's room are going to have a completely different meaning from now on.

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    Dennis Bauer

    what's next a "crap" game?

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    Samantha Zoe Aso

    How disgusting! I sometimes wonder about the mental health of the creators of some games I've seen or heard of!

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    The comments of women here are just "sour grapes" because they can't aim. ;-D

    Personally, I don't see myself going to a bar just to play a urination game against a bunch of drunks. If I'm at a bar, I'm trying to impress girls, not other guys. If you're competing in the toilet, you've obviously already failed as "real men".

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    Juan Carlos Barbosa Padilla

    They saw too much Scary Movie to get this far...

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    Japanese games maker Sega caters to perverts. I hope the perverts stay in the mens' toilets forever.

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    Not much use to me. I prefer to sit down and pee. It is much more civilized and hygienic.

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    Thomas Smith

    @pamelot ...not on the Internet, you mean?

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    Johannes Weber

    This is so sick. No other words left.

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    Debbie Itabashi

    I just got done defending Japan ... An article was out there talking about how Japan will corrupt other countries with this and how they dont want it... I said that I live in Japan and have not seen any... This explains why. 1 they are in mens rooms & 2 they are mainly in bars and restaraunts ...

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    Azusa Suzie

    "to blow up a virtual girl's skirt".... so only in Japan, and I'm sad to say, Japanese guys will all give it a try.

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    “Splashing Battle!” the user takes on the previous visitor in a virtual fight based on stream strength.

    The winner is the one with the most splash-back urine all over their trousers.

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    If I was heavily intoxicated I could see this as being entertaining. :D

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