Taiwan official, 2 family members die in Hokkaido car crash

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    There is a lot of slush on the roads up here today, so not a good day for driving for anyone. I am sorry to hear about this tragic accident. My deepest condolences to our much appreciated Taiwanese friends.

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    Such a tragedy, the cold weather roads can be very dangerous if your not accustomed to them.

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    I've heard that the police are trying to make Southeast Asian tourists more aware of the road conditions, as there have been quite a few accidents among tourists in recent years.

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    Pattie Inoue

    Rest in peace poor souls. Such a tragedy.

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    The cause of this accident which happened last week is unknown until there's a full investigation. Driver error, road and weather conditions, fault in the hired car?

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    Driver error, road and weather conditions, fault in the hired car?

    Generally, it's tourists not used to driving on icy roads, or Honshuites not used to driving fast on undivided roads. Hokkaido has a very high proportion of fatal head-on collisions, relative to other prefectures.

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    If the roads were icy - especially if it's what we refer to as "black ice", you can be on it without warning. It happened to me one Winter. It rained earlier and the rain froze on the road in spots, but not everywhere. The only warning I had was a bunch of cars with their emergency flashers on up ahead, but by then I was already on the ice. When that happens there's not much you can do once Newton's First Law of Motion takes over.

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    My condolences to their survivors, and loved ones.

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    They were probably driving a regular rental 2WD sedan without the snow tires. If you drive in any cold weather areas in November through end of March, you should drive a AWD or 4 Wheel Drive vehicle with a snow tires and carry a chain. Also, based on weather conditions, you should drive accordingly.

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    They were probably driving a regular rental 2WD sedan without the snow tires.

    I happened across this accident scene just after the wrecker arrived - it was on the 274 just outside of Tsurui, on a fairly winding stretch of road. They were driving a blue mazda premacy with rental plates (probably rented in Kushiro). I can verify that it had winter tires, as all hokkaido rentals do from early october. As far as 4wd or 2wd goes, it's pretty rare to see a rental that isn't 4WD or AWD up here.

    The road was snow covered in places, and had a little bit of icing. To me, it looked like they came into a snow covered curve and couldn't see where the dividing line was. Like a lot of rural roads up here, the 274 is pretty narrow, and it's really easy to do that even on a clear day. I've had a few close calls on that road over the years.

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    Thanks, Hokkaidoguy. Great post.

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