Tears, prayers as Japan marks 5th anniversary of tsunami

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    Aly Rustom

    It was a precious minute, and it felt that their souls were watching us from heaven. We hope their souls are in a better place.

    Our school had a moment of silence and we left the TV on. It was a very sobering moment. As soon as the PM got up to speak, the TV was turned off and everyone went about their business quietly. There were no tears but deep reflection on the lives lost. But I was taken aback as to how quickly things got back to normal after that reflection.

    Please share your moment.

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    The other disaster that happened today is being lost due to the Sendai disaster. That was the start of the fire bombing of Tokyo, taking the lives of many more people than this disaster, but not making that disaster any less tragic.

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    Raymond Chuang

    The sad part is--in my opinion--that the eastern coastal Tohoku region between Iwaki and Hachinohe--except around the city of Sendai--may never recover from this disaster. All it did was accelerate the depopulation of the whole area, a process that was already well under way by March 2011.

    I've suggested recently that Japan turn the entire coastline between Sendai and Hachinohe into a national park; maybe that suggestion might not be so far-fetched after all.

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    I pray for the peace of those lost and those who remain. We must preserve the memories and restore life as much as humanely possible and help those who suffered from it...as can be done. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and tho painful I am glad that life is being restored and continuing.

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    I pay tributes to those who lost their lives and pray to Almighty for speedy recovery and restoration of normalcy for those who lost heavily.

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